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The Perspectives program is available to individuals 12-17 years old serving a youth probation order through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services — Youth Justice Services.

The objectives of the program include:

  • assessing an individual’s substance use
  • educating participants about alcohol/drugs and their effects
  • assisting with identifying the consequences of client’s substance use
  • encouraging further positive change
  • match intervention to client’s stage of readiness for change

The counsellor spends 3-4 sessions with the individual developing an assessment profile to determine the severity of any substance use issues, the client’s stage of readiness for change as well as contributing factors to the client’s substance use issues.

The weekly counselling appointments are approximately 45 minutes in length. A treatment plan is developed to address the identified issues and work through the goals of the plan until it is decided that the client has made as much progress as they can in the program. They are then discharged with an aftercare plan and a list of community resources.

This program stresses the need for structure and accountability of our young people to encourage changes that will assist them with becoming productive adults.

In addition, our staff make contact with the client’s family and/or guardian to provide support and assistance as part of the client’s overall plan of care.

Counsellors are located in different probation office sites as well as our head office in order to make it easier for clients to attend their appointments.

Participants engage in the following phases of the program:


  • evaluation and treatment planning process
  • the length of this phase is 3-4 sessions in order to develop rapport which increases the likelihood of future success
  • creating motivation for change

Treatment—Individual/Brief Education

  • the length of this phase is individualized
  • focus is education, awareness and personal change
  • addresses contributing factors to substance use


  • develop supports in the community
  • create relapse prevention plan
  • recommend continuing care strategy


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