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Paradigm is a community based substance specific treatment program funded by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and available only to individuals 18 years and older who are being supervised through a probation order.

The objectives of the program include:

  • assessing an individual’s substance use
  • educating participants about alcohol and drugs and their effects
  • assisting them towards identifying the consequences of their substance use; and
  • encourage the development of change/recovery plan and support systems
  • match intervention to client’s stage of readiness for change

The program is designed for individuals who may lack recognition or acceptance that their substance use is a problem and as a result are resistant to treatment.

Counsellors are located in different probation office sites as well as our head office in order to make it easier for clients to attend their appointments. Sessions are typically 45 minutes long and take place weekly in order to maintain progressive and result oriented counselling outcomes.

Participants engage in the following phases of the program


  • exploration of substance use history and identification of contributing factors
  • evaluation and treatment planning process
  • provide recommendations for further treatment
  • creating motivation for change
  • length of this phase is two sessions

Treatment—Individual/Brief Education/Group

  • focus is education, awareness and personal change
  • addresses the contributing factors to an individual’s substance use and related negative behaviours


  • develop supports in the community
  • create relapse prevention plan
  • recommend continuing care strategy


Ontario Ministry of Community Safety
And Correctional Services