Our Clients

Making significant changes in your life can be difficult. Many of our clients are motivated by external sources, like their Probation Officer or the Courts, to attend for counselling. After getting to know their counsellor, these individuals not only succeed in our programs but they also come back to see us years later with stories of their ongoing success.

I found that counselling at T.A. Patterson was very beneficial to myself. At first I was a little hesitant, as with any new counsellor. After giving the place a chance and opening up, I found it to be a very comfortable environment and actually looked forward to my appointments.

It is hard to repeat my history over and over again, as with any new counsellor, however my counsellor Randi helped me feel extremely comfortable making it easier to go over things. In my experience with counsellors, I have found that they are really good at making you feel judged even though their job is to do the opposite, however in my experience at T.A. Patterson I did not feel any sort of judgement. Speaking to somebody on a personal level who actually cared about what I had to say made all the difference and helped me work through some challenging times in my life.

We covered a lot, but perhaps the most beneficial topic was methods of handling stress and anxiety. I learned new breathing and relaxation techniques to help combat panic attacks when I feel them coming on. As well, I learned how to approach frustrating situations with “I” statements to better work toward a solution rather than place blame and not accept responsibility. To conclude, as with any sort of counselling, I was a little guarded upon arrival but over time allowed myself to open up and in doing so, I have learned a lot, progressed greatly, and am in a better place in my life due to counselling through T.A. Patterson.

Thanks again to everyone there who had a hand in my progress and maintenance of my mental health.

Steve S.