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The staff at T.A. Patterson are passionate about their work and believe in an individual’s ability to change. We employ professional, courteous and knowledgeable counsellors with specialized training in the areas of addiction counselling, harm reduction, youth and dealing with resistance. Our counsellors also bring a variety of backgrounds to our agency to include child welfare, criminology, child and youth, social work and human services.

Executive Director:

The role of the Executive Director is to provide leadership and guidance to the organization as it achieves it vision and mission while maintaining its core values. Deirdra Burke has a background in Criminology; studying and focusing her career in the area of helping those involved in the criminal justice system. She has dedicated herself to working more specifically with those individuals with a history of criminal charges related to their use of substances. As Executive Director, Deirdra is proud of the work accomplished by her team as they carry out the mission of the organization, demonstrating compassion and effective clinical practice.


The TA Patterson administrative team is the “hub of the wheel” for this agency. They maintain the foundation of the organization which allows for rest of the team to focus on the clients. Through intake, referral support and ongoing client management, our administrative team are the friendly voice you hear and the helpful support you receive when you call our office.


The Manager is the link between our clinical and administrative staff team. This individual maintains the professional integrity and ethics of our programs while role modeling strong clinical practice and opportunities for skill development. Our Clinical Program Manager reinforces the responsive leadership style of the organization while supervising our clinical staff and providing day to day administrative support.

Clinical Staff

The true champions of this agency are our counsellors. With varied backgrounds in social work, child and youth as well as psychology, our clinical team work in partnership with our clients and probation to support individuals through the change process. They utilize an eclectic approach to assisting clients with making difficult adjustments, breaking cycles of behaviour and strengthening their resolve for avoiding future criminal involvement.